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Sunday, October 15, 2006

First Post

Ok. this is my first blog post.

Its Sunday and I am in the office at 10:20 am which is not good. I am going home in a sec anyway. I live in the Caribbean island of Dominica and am married with two children. Thats not as settled as it sounds by the way. This myth of stress free Caribbean life is not true and then you add the wife and two kids equation and everything is the same as any big city existence.

Used to live in London and have lived in Massachusetts and for a stint , New York as well.

Dont miss any of them, mainly because of the cold.

I also dont get a chance to read anymore, listen to Robbie Vincent on the radio or to laugh at 606 live commentary. Or get a chance to visit the Strand book store. Or go chill out in barnes and noble and pretend I am about to purchase a book that I really intend to speed read through.

I am a director in an ad agency and a mobile content and services company. Sounds sexy, but I am a working director in both. I think it would be sexy if I were just popping in once a month into either company but sadly they need my contribution.

Anyway, I am hungry and I am off to eat some breakfast.

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