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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Who can you look up to ?

In his blog Brands of the Year Greg Hoyos tries to feature the brands of the year in the Caribbean. With all fairness to Mr Hoyos he is left to pick at a slim group and has come up with a list that is very shaky. The reason is quite understandable. It really isnt about advertising, its about substance. There are no centers of excellence in Caribbean business. Caribbean writers have raised the point that this is why we were so fanatical about our cricket. It was actually the sole center of excellence with its home and roots in the Caribbean (though you could argue that Kerry Packer and country cricket forged it and we had little to do with creating that steel).

This in my opinion creates a huge opportunity in 2007. My commentary is that there isnt any company in the Caribbean which has created a paradigm for business excellence and therefore is able to create a brand which people can look up to. Some people may feel shortchanged by this but it also feeds back into our political leadership and social development as nation states. We are struggling for icons and because of this even awards and reviews are lowering their standards to scrape the floor for 'winners'.