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Saturday, June 30, 2007


Been watching the hype on the Iphone online. As a creative agency we have a fair share of Macs and I have an IMac G5 at home. I also have my fair share of toys like a Sony PSP, etc.

I like tech toys and cars like every brainwashed boy child. When I lived in the UK I used to part exchange my car every other year (its just a car, people). However to do the same in the Caribbean seems strange.

Maybe I am not describing it properly but the idea is that this is a different world, yet it isnt. As our social networks break down who wants to be stuck at home with a shitty Internet connection which never gives the bandwidth you pay for (and overpriced) and a budget phone. Well thats what the majority of people in our region are left with.

It used to be fun to observe that we didnt need those gadgets and the new model cars and other superficial things, because well...we had the Caribbean, we knew what real life and fun was about. Now ? With a society which is starting to do all the same things that drive the first worlders indoors I am not so sure. Well...when you think of it.

Anyway, Apple made a mistake imo. At&t ? Thats like giving a souped up athlete some clogs to run in.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Shot sah

West Indian cricket is a sore topic for me. I have gone through every ritual possible to try to ensure the mediocre could breathe easier. In the end though we know why WI are losing. We are just not good enough. I say we because the failure of WI cricket is a failure of Caribbean society.

Years ago a friend of mine in 1998 told a group of us a story about West Indian players she accompanied to dinner in South Africa not being able to use cutlery properly. Its not an unusual situation.

Most West Indian cricket 'fans' dont actually go to the first class games nor do they patronise the cricketers in their early years. So the average West Indian cricketer rightly sees no connection between the majority of fans and themselves. They are playing for an unassisted buck all the way from u15 cricket to the senior level playing to the applause of a hardy few and the neighborhood goats and sheep.

Then many of the Caribbean fans who are cussing their lack of committment, spend most of their day stupsing their way through work, with scant loyalty for country, employer or anything else for that matter.

Life is so logical eh.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

All that Glitters...

Here comes OffShore Payout. Dominica is a great place for offshore ummm investors. A government which isnt exactly savvy, a population which views anything with dollar signs attached as the metaphorical economic savior, and of course our great ability to move on from disaster to disaster without fingering anyone for the crime.

Offshore scams work because of greed. Greed on the part of the people who host and run them. And greed from investors who want quick cash. As such its kind of difficult feeling sorry for any party in this whole mess.

It is obvious that naivety combined with greed is a lethal combination. However the interesting thing about offshorepayout is that even as a locally registered IBC it is actually offering the same 'deal' to Dominicans. This changes the picture a little bit (Just a lil...follow me here). Its one thing if your govt is turning a blind eye to fleecing other people of the world. Its another if they dont mind jooking you, the people who elected them and who at least they should be working 'for', out of your cash too.

The fact that the Grenadian PM is being sued by offshore investors Hall of Shame shouldnt escape anyone. A government which enables theft, is criminal too.

The media raised the story based on a leak from someone posting on News Dominica forum. Otherwise, this thing would have been launched without a whisper. There is much more to this story of course, but you get the picture.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

A question of faith

Religion scares me. In fact maybe its more accurate to say that the religious scare me. There is no superior morality to be engaged from believing in God. A mostly fundamentally religious Caribbean has no problem screwing, drinking and killing its way to the top of all the worlds 'bad' statistics. And neither is it restricted to us. Most fundamentally religious countries show a huge contradiction between what is supposedly believed and practised. The example as I have mentioned elsewhere of JAmaica having the most per capita churches and the third highest per capita murder rate in the world fits into this.

Incidentally, mostly secular states, like the Scandinavians, have much less violent, more egalitarian societies. Of course they will all burn in hell so all that is pretty pointless on their part.

The result though for the Caribbean and a small place like Dominica is a resigned fatalism 'quitter pour Bondieu' (leave it for God), to deal with problems that require thought and decisive action. Its an intellectual laziness. And it leaves our society open to crooks and charlatans (ok... politicians) whose only redeeming feature is their protestations about how much they believe in God. people throw their hands up and assume the creator will sort it out in the next round.

I am not an atheist. I am still learning about my own belief system. But it is an odd situation which is actually crippling the mindsets of people who least need it.