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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Chinese Check us

whilst I have the thought its best I run this as well. The Chinese announce they are injecting 500 million dollars into Chinese investors hands to explicitly invest into the Caribbean. Our local state radio station, government run and as intelligent a propaganda medium as a drunk man with a bullhorn proceeds to have this as a headline piece. The point of course is to show how smart we are for being with those 'rich and generous' Chinese.

The reality is very different. The Chinese are investing in China, and not in the Caribbean. Basically what happens is that the Chinese come in and invest and then proceed to suck the lifeblood out of local people whilst not actually investing much into the local economy.

Our economy is an advanced barter economy. Because of the size of our countries, money circulates in a commercial cycle. The Chinese immigrants are extremely hard working but they, scarecely employ a local soul, import low price poor quality goods from china and upsell locally, and spend as little as possible. They eat their own food, and do little immersion into the economies. Fine if you are an existing economy where you can just have a chinatown as part of your existing infrastructure. Not fine if your whole country could BECOME Chinatown.

I admire the work ethic and the strong community spirit. However we need to be wary of what happens next.

So it is

"So it is" is a way Caribbean people describe something which happens which shouldnt happen, but just does. In many ways it reflects a sense of powerlessness.

I travel around the region often and "So it is" happens alot. The main reason it does is because people generally have little confidence in themselves or in the way of the 'right'. Quite simply that they have seen the way of the wrong dominate and even prosper. In small Dominica, many of the current land owners literally stole their land from other people.The ironic thing is that people will clearly make the link to crookery and consider that a normality.

What we then have is a personality contest which judges not the morality of acts committed but of who did. 'So it is'.