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Monday, November 26, 2007

Feed me

I eat alot like most Dominicans. I dont eat crap, well black pudding and smoked snout (I have to tackle the pig thing sometime as a separate topic). I try hard to not eat imported chicken. The local butcher always complains that it doesnt matter because our local chickens are being fed on the same imported feed, but they still taste better. Ironic but true that free range chicken is rare here. Once you start to sell to make a buck you fall into the same cycle.

I dont buy any imported beef, very little pork, of course local fish only. I dont eat fastfood, unless fish from All Nations counts. I do get local rabbit (sorry Bugs).

The thing is Dominica has alot going for it but we import so much shit it isnt funny. And the other thing is that the price gouging is getting on my nerves. If I never set foot into a supermarket again I'd be a happy man.

My personal project is to setup around 4 acres of land for livestock and farming for a backup barter system and to get myself into a positive routine that isnt based around money like everything else I do. My only problem is that like everything else I do it will have to be micro managed. I know I will enjoy it. So I am goin to do it. And soon.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Hour

Elections are coming in 2010 and we are approaching happy Hour. Its that time when politicians realise they need to start doing things, no matter how rushed and superficial to identify themselves as being productive and to have something to speak about on the platform.

The rep in the area I am from is now on a drive to create new drains / roads running through the area he is running in. Politicians in Dominica dont think much of the electorate and it may be that they are right. After all if your vote can be bought for a handout of plywood and fixing a road and a scholarship why should you inhabit a place of honor in the heads of those who are giving.

Not to mention the contractor is the father of a public official (conflict of interest is a foreign language here) and the last job he did, which was doing the sidewalks of Roseau was even more of a mess and explained away No problem . And I challenge anyone who has been to Roseau to say otherwise. But thats just how it is.

I grew up with these guys, and even went to school with many of them. In political parlance, its their time. Hence anything is possible. Meanwhile the population says and does nothing because everyone is tied into this game of 'dont vex the man at the head table'. What a world.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Virtual is Real

I have a friend. His nick is Southie. I dont know his real name and have never met him. Yet we exchange views all the time on everything from politics to economics, WI Cricket, to all kinds of wutlissness.

Last week my friend Southie found out his son and his sons gf were kidnapped and murdered in Jamaica. In fact he first communicated it on the forum were we all exchange views. Most of us, me included thought it was a joke until he pointed out the headline in the Jamaican newspapers. Another tragic story.

As the story unfolded it became clear that we interface with people all the time virtually and are so easily connected to them. Virtual is real. Sorry for your loss Southie.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fragile World

More and more people are starting to see the value of coming to an island like Dominica. The main reason is the lack of government interference in their life. Like it or not, in Dominica you could literally create your own domain, your own Kingdom. Especially if you have an independent income. Govt monitoring of the individual in places like the US and UK is at an utmost high. Big Brother lives. The violence levels in much of the developed world make you cringe and it gets worse as people get disconnected from the people around them. Dont know you, dont care about you.

We have water but our rivers are drying up faster than we are willing to admit (some rivers are literally gone and thats just in my lifetime), especially when you consider our rate of industrial develoipment is close to nil. In other words you can understand why a Trinidad and Barbados have depleted natural resources. Dominica ? Shouldnt happen. And if it does, then there is no reason to live here unless we become like everywhere else, and then there really will be no reason to live here.

I think I just made a case for protecting our environment.

I dont think unemployment, potholes and rampant cronyism should be a byproduct though.

Friday, November 16, 2007


What a joke this CSME thing is.

I watch with slight amusement as the traditional influences flow in one direction. What am I doing to change it ? Well I am trying. In our quest to regularise Outdoor Advertising across the region we have been tackling a range of people to get Outdoor ordinance setup from island to island.

In one country the meetings were going fine until I revealed I was from another island. Then it became a difficulty, and the sighs got deeper and the questions got more probing.

The deep complexes Caribbean people still have cannot be buried under Caribbean unity.