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Saturday, February 09, 2008


There is something happening in Dominica. A kind of rampant cronyism. First of all the country has descended into the George Bushian 'with us or against us'.

Dominica joined Alba, the Bolivarian alternative to the FTAA or whatever you call these long winded meaningless games hegemonists like Chavez play. Read more about the real venezuela in this Venezuela Blog

Firstly I feel the governments problem. They have the imagination of a beetle in heat, and really have the most unusual problem. In real terms they should stand before the population and let them know that the illusion that there should be no poverty and that Dominica should be thriving, is just that, an illusion.

That would give them real room to help the country become a little bit more self sufficient and to try to work to create some jobs for the ever growing mass of young people without employment.

Instead what we have is that every major crisis or issue is faced with either the mayor, the whaling commissioner, one of the ministers, or the national radio station, or one of the govt overseas friends making statement in support of whatever steps the govt has taken.

One old person likened this government to the Patrick John government. A popular leader, a band of cronies and yes men, and a country lurching from one crisis to another without any plans other than the brainwaves of the Anointed One.

I hope not. I dont want this government to fail because in reality the lack of any intellectual and economic progress in the country right now reflects on all Dominicans here and abroad. There is a collective failure of the country. And very few people want to admit that 30 years of Independence are indeed 30 years of very little achievement. There is work to be done and I am willing to help.

Friday, February 01, 2008

A sense of power

Its Carnival time and I want to communicate something totally unrelated to the drinking and merriment goin on right now in Dominica.

How does a country with a government who are lost in action, a private sector dominated by a couple wealthy families on a continuous 'me only' agenda, and a population so bludgeoned into servility that they dont understand what is happening, change ?

There is an intellectual crisis in Dominica which could result in a backlash of sorts even for those who are nothing to do with the greed that is going on at present. There is a race and class factor of course but more obvious is that every significant organisation is now compromised either by government cronies or cronies of the private sector bullies.

And imagine having to deal with these bloodsuckers every day. Answers everyone as to what to do. I want to examine the pacifist and the 'possible bankruptcy' options. If you ask questions out of confusion I will answer and bring you up to speed.