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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Said it before

If you took a poll for and against an oil refinery locally in Dominica it would be an overwhelming yes vote - for. The same masses wanted the Billion dollar lottery here as well, even when it was shown to be an IBC scam which amazingly was being allowed to offer the scam to people living in the jurisdiction of the IBC. (Thats one topic that people dont get...why would your govt allow a scam to hit your local populace). Personally I dont have a problem with scams run by governments. The local coffers get filled and when the scams collapse usually so do the governments involved. Voila...a double win. And as for the innocent person in idaho who loses his money ? Well...greed aint good.

The alternative voices are usually a middle class with a vested interest (ie the environmentalists, the hoteliers, etc) or opposition political voices. Therefore you have classic polarisation. And the issue at large really suffers.

I love the quote by Mo udall (the guy who lost to Jimmy Carter in the US elections). He said in his concession speech, " The people have spoken, the bastards".

This assumption that Dominicans know whats best for them is a false one. Its also false that we have to do the right thing. A generation of people like this cannot learn by being denied what they consider golden opportunities. it just increases the chance of one major fuckup one day.

The other point we have to remember, unlike the dissenting voices who are looking to contribute large amounts of air to the argument, and to the economy, Chavez is putting hard cash into the local population and promising to pay for his refinery. In Dominica more than most places, money talks.

So if you want to preserve your country people, get that billion dollar investment and that Marriott and that new offshore university. come with dollars or watch the ride.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Things that foreigners cannot handle

1. "I cant find it anywhere". I understand this reason very well. You just want to go to a movie and chill. You just want to go to a restaurant and get served quickly even if they dont know you. You want a leg of Lamb NOW. You want to go to a club and you dont want to feel like you stepping into a meat factory.Its, selfish and not really important, but it is at the same time. Especially when it really isnt an island problem since you can go to other islands and do all of the above.

2. Everyone is watching. Met veye is an occupation in this small island. Like your privacy ? Go far into Zion and come down for you shopping and go back up. The alternative is that everyone is going to know you business, whether its true or false. Confidentiality means nothing here. Your bank manager to your next door neighbour has info that has to be shared. And goddammit...them goin share it. Just accept that or be a hermit.

3. The rumour mill. Not content to minding their own business they also have to create stories to match their interest. Its an island, ok . We dont have National Enquirer or the Sun. We have radio neg. The best ones are rumours that people can end up telling you not knowing its you they are talking about. Priceless, but some people can really get hurt by the non ending quest to damage their name or reputation for the sake of easing some dead TV time.

4. Government. Look. there is nothing more irritating than govt on small islands. In most large countries you dont even know who you local rep is. You are detached and the machinery of government just rumbles on. In Dominica you get to see the person who has influence over many aspects of your life close up. And it aint pretty. The bureacracy, thin skins, and plain lack of smarts of Government can drive anyone mad and get them to leave this place. Many of them prob wouldnt even be able to get a middle tier job in on merit elsewhere. But here they are king....and you better remember that or make plans to scoot.

5. Dishonesty. The country is small. That means every slight gets magnified and really CAN piss you off. If you get into business in Dominica you have to realise that there is no code of conduct or business ethics etc. Its the law of the jungle, survival of the fittest. This is not a statement saying that Dominicans are more dishonest than anyone else. We are a good people. But tings tight as they say and people have no qualms about copying, stealing or plain taking your ideas, your dreams or anything they can use and running with it. I am not being harsh. I am being real.
However if you are just living your life this doesnt apply. Well, except if you expose a fresh British or US accent in the market. Then crapaud smoke your pipe :-)

6. Gotta have some. Caribbean man must be honest. Its so damn hot and we get so horny that we have to tackle every woman. Or do we. On the flip side I really think we need to do 'Get some' holidays. Want to get some ? Come to the Caribbean island of Dominica and get laid. There is someone for everyone. Lady has a full grown beard or a nervous tic ? No problem...we have someone for that too. All joke aside though, as a man you dont realise how bad it is until you have a lady friend visit from abroad and move around with you. Guys talking to you and watching her like a piece of bacon on a menu. Some like it (bearded ladies need love too), many dont. But its real. 24x7 tackle mode is employed. It has to stop of course but women in Dominica have to play their part in stopping it.

Better get back to the real world.