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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Its about Sex baby

Here are some thoughts

1. Caribbean men have some of the highest rates of prostate cancer because the traditional view of the prostate check, ie the finger up the ass check, is that it is well ummm homosexual. I always tell guys that the only time they need to be worried is if the doc has both hands on their shoulder and they getting probed. Then my friend its time to reevaluate your fears. So many rather suffer death than having their ass fingered, to put it brutally. Its particularly prevalent in macho man territory, Jamdown.

2. The amount of money which passes hands for sex in the Caribbean is much higher than people think. We dont have classic prostitution except in the bigger islands. The communities are too small and most of the time where there is prostitution its done by immigrants. However the case of bartering for sex is definitely there. In countries with disparity in income it doesnt take much either.

3. Homosexuality. Fact is in most islands you live in small communities where the gays (I dont like what this word was converted into) are well known. We grow up with them, play with them, party with them, lime with them. They are in effect, us. Then at some point once sexuality becomes a dominant theme of morality as defined by religion, they become this evil thing. Except.....many of the 'gays' in my country are literally captains of industry and some of the best know contributors to the social and cultural fabric of the country. So many people walk around softly softly not wanting to offend most of them because of their power and value to the country, and making hypocritical noises to frighten those young people who have real dilemmas. Cue: confusion. Lesson - If you have enough money you can bugger all and sundry and even get a front seat in church. If you aint - Fire Bun you.

4. Talk about sex in the Caribbean is almost taboo. Well not enjoyment. There is talk about abortion (its evil), Aids (get tested and wear a condom), morality (its best having it with your spouse and then no condom needed - ie the Church position), abstinence (if you aint married abstain - or masturbate regularly which is my advice). But is there talking about good ole sex enjoyment. Oh no. Meanwhile, the reality is that people want some...all the time. Even those going to church too.

Have some great sex today. Even with yourself.

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