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Monday, June 02, 2008

Mimic Men

The Caribbean in many ways is in a state of flux. This hasnt got to do much with its size. Have a look at Singapore for example. The argument about slavery is a good one, in that slavery fractured the societies of the Caribbean, but we are like many peoples able to choose a new path for ourselves.

or can we.

There is a routine failure of thought in the Caribbean. Indeed we continue to mimic other peoples routinely, with the idea that we can simply transplant the effect of their systems on their own lifestyles, to ours.

The contempt ordinary Caribbean people have for thinkers is something we dont notice. Caribbean people (even transplanted) appreciate work which has a definite wage or reward system. You dont meet Caribbean philosophers unless you want to apply that to the musings of an old fisherman on a Friday night after he has had enough spice rum to allow him to speak openly.

Its economists are barely contrarian, usually fitting in with convention. Its politicians, the most brazen of prostitutes, available for the highest bidder, and convincing the populace that giving scholarships, constructing roads and building a school constitutes a grand plan.

And its population....migratory, transient and ready to seize another identity.

There is another way of course, but mimicking is easy.


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billy said...

crucial indeed

jodiperry said...

well said, in the caribbean we 'inherited' our identity and are still in 'waiting' mode for instructions on the way forward. Lack of vision and precise goals and objectives are hampering real developement

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