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Monday, October 27, 2008


I love my little island. I really do.

The country has a resilience that is extremely warming.

It should be obvious that something is extremely wrong and needs to be fixed. Dominica isnt a failed state. Luckily our natural resources and some very persistent people havent allowed that to happen.

We are a stagnant state. In reality a small island nation in this very hostile economic world isnt exactly in a great position.

However we arent the only small island nation in the world. What we are witnessing is a systemic failure of the pillars of a healthy society.

Its a difficult thing to grasp but the country is gripped in a classic low inferiority complex loop. There is no independence in that.

Mamo, the Douglases, the current set of blingers...all have been guilty of keeping this country as repressed and underdeveloped mentally. The majority of the people of this country see no future in the country for their children and literally ship them out as quickly as possible with a do not return sticker on their case.

Watching the faces of people who came home and almost felt validated for the decisions they made years ago, is somewhat sad.

If there was a history of a Dominican upper class or even middle class abroad it would be simple for anyone to accept the flight from small third world nation to first world economies.

Yet most of our migrants are moving to working class. In other words, just being able to get a job.

Its not something I enjoy writing about. And I am sure noone will enjoy reading it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Reunion Mess

My thoughts

30 years of Independence and its a mess.

I have and continue to blame GREED.

The country looks like a bombsite about to hold a BBQ to raise funds to fix the bombsite.

A small group of people have manouvred themselves onto committees in order to reward themselves either directly or indirectly.

Thats not to say there are no genuine people working within them. But when you look at the mess these people have created running over themselves to get things done quickly and get paid, its no wonder.

One particular quasi government person and his private sector partner should be ashamed of themselves. Make your buck but dont create an eyesore every where you pass in order to corner the coin.