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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Freedom of Nought

Its kind of ironic when you examine that the Caribbean which produces fluidity of movement and so many expressive individuals actually stamps down hard on free thinking. From economics, liberal thought, name it, conservatism reigns. And naturally there is a backlash. The overt and frankly hypocritical conservatism of our sexual landscape means that more people engage in experimenting with their sexuality than you can begin to imagine. Yes...even those people who pack the churches. In economics, its a hodge podge. Outside of Trinidad which is blessed with exploitable natural resource, the rest of the region has no defined productive economic approach. It is tourism, its offshore finance, its offshore ICT. We produce nothing, because we shot ourselves in the foot years ago by spitting in the face of Federation, even when Arthur Lewis provided a Nobel Prize backed economic approach model which he was willing to steward. All because a narrow group of people wanted to buy low and sell high across the region. And their political counterparts couldnt imagine devolving their power bases for a regional good. So here we are. Religious sexual freaks, capitalist socialists, and tourism depending foreigner skeptics. I am not sure what the way forward is, simply because wiser men than me have come and failed. But the answer surely has to lie in abandoning the ways that have gotten us into this mess, and not in rejecting free thinking.

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