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Thursday, February 13, 2014

The cycle of fat and thin

Every four- five years, this small Caribbean country engages in a kind of ritual. Its called elections but really is an exercise in payback. I am not too sure that it can be changed primarily because the population are more and more helpless, more dependent, on people, much less the process. Its the same everywhere else, except in Dominica there has yet to be seen a period of concerted fat for the general population. What you have cycles of fat for those in power, cycles of thin for those out of it, and the cautious manouevring by the small groups of people who are wise enough to avoid picking a side so overtly as to leave themselves exposed. The rest are at the mercy of those who hold the cards. In that scenario, a man who builds you a house or fixes your road, is likely to be like Jesus the Messiah incarnate. Anyone can learn from this. I have for sure. One essential lesson is that money cannot buy you love, but it can buy a kind of realtime version of Facebook likes. The other key lesson is that its way easier to start fat and engage a natural diet through being outspoken and nuanced. Its way more difficult starting thin and starving to death on principle. The third is that church and morality are as close friends as rats and cats. Church is a mixture of a social club and insurance against hell. Anyway...I wish you the best of the next coming cycle.